10 highlights from FOWA

23rd of February 2007 by admin

1. Brillant event – cheers to Ryan, Gillian and team – best value event in Europe.
2. Great Irish presence – infacta, polldaddy, nooked, putplace, segala, loudervoice, toddle, touristr and a few stealths
3. Pancake (Pint) Tuesday
4. Lenny’s write-ups for readwriteweb
5. workshops – brain dump from some great people
6. Mike Arrington to BBC – “third series of the office” – bbc should be dissolved… Conor has the details.
7. open id – thanks to Simon Willison for sharing his knowledge
8. wifi – or the lack of it. Ryan apologized – next year – FON – please……
9. “founders red-pill”- Index‘s Ben Holmes on investment – Fred has a good writeup
10. Buzz – lots of people, lots of accents, lots of networking…..

2 Responses to “10 highlights from FOWA”

Ryan and the gang delivered a fantastic event. I’m still buzzing and still grinning to myself about some of the highlights.

It was also the only time in my life that I walked up to a bouncer at a velvet rope in front of a nightclub, whispered “Future of Web Apps” and was let it!

It was a great event. I can’t decide which was better: The speakers or meeting all the Irish crew.