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26th of January 2007 by conor

If every other Web2 site can have a job board then so can we, or a job posting anyway:

Argolon Solutions is looking for an experienced Web developer to drive the future development of the LouderVoice web-site. The team is entirely distributed so there is no requirement to be based in Cork. However we do have a preference for an Irish-based developer. If you are young, ambitious and have the right skills and attitude then we are just as happy to hear from you as from someone with 10 years under their belt.

We are currently using a full outsource model for both the development and design of LouderVoice. We are aiming to change this to a hybrid inhouse/outsource approach as we get closer to full launch.

If you have a strong background in end-to-end web development and you are looking for all the opportunities that being the lead developer in a start-up provides then we want to hear from you. Some of the things we are looking for include:

  • Experience as lead developer of MVC-style web applications
  • Strong background in agile languages, particularly Python
  • Deep knowledge of web frameworks such as TurboGears (which we use), Django, Pylons, Rails, Code Igniter or similar
  • Successful history of working with offshore and distributed development and design teams
  • Expertise in creating high-performance scalable application architectures using MySQL
  • Commitment to XHTML/CSS/Semantic Markup
  • Ajax UIs

This is a permanent position and the salary/benefits package will be commensurate with experience.

Please contact Conor O’Neill at

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