Fancy a Curry 2.0?

30th of January 2007 by admin

I’m heading back to Dublin for an Enterprise Ireland meeting and would like to extend a warm dinner invite (on me) to you.

If you’re interested in chatting about the usual Web and mobile related stuff over a curry and bottle of wine or two, then join me and a few like-minded folk tomorrow night in Dublin village. All are welcome but places are obviously limited.

Venue Jaipur, 41 South Great George’s St, Dublin 2
Date 1st February 2007
Time 19:00
Dress code usual scruffy start-up attire

Get in touch if you’re interested, or leave a comment.

10 Responses to “Fancy a Curry 2.0?”

I’ll be there, but by myself as ‘Him Indoors’ will be driving back from work in Carlow, and he doesn’t normally get home until 7:30…

Dang – I’ll be in Dublin tomorrow for the Digital Media awards – so could nearly meet up – if there’s time afterwards :D

[...] Damien writes about the need for a Geek Dinner in Limerick after Paul Walsh opens an invite to anyone Thursday night in Dublin. [...]

Sure thing John. What time?

Elly, is your fella coming? If so, what time do you two expect to arrive roughly?

Two more would like to drop-in this evening – we rather fancy some Indian food, but must head off to Cold War Kids in Tripod at about 8/8.30ish. Myself, and my mate Ian from

Look forward to seeing you Mark. Keep an eye on for updates.

Like John, I’ll be at the Digital Media Awards as well. In fact there’ll be quite a few bloggers there. Unfortunately, it’s hard to say what time it will be finished. (Dinner’s at 8:00) If we don’t make it to you, maybe you might like to look in on us later? It’s in the Burlington. (Slightly different dress code though!)

Just seeing this now … was it good fun ??

Would have liked to attend but am in Poland at the moment ( before you ask) … great opportunities over here for any interested btw. :-)

It was fun – especially when I decided to spill an entire bowl of curry on myself!

Conn – shame I only saw your post when it was too late.

Ed, I’ll probably do something like this again in a few weeks if there’s enough interest!

I don’t wish to spam this blog with photos so you can see ‘em at although they’re not great quality (thank God!).