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20th of December 2006 by admin

Sam and Mike have just launched VECOSYS.COM

“Vecosys is a blog covering Web 2.0 and Mobile start-ups across Europe. It is published by Sam Sethi and Mike Butcher.”

Best of luck guys.

On the Euro front also check out thealarmclock euro – Valerie Thompson has the finger on the pulse.

Brent Hoberman had some choice words to say about Europe vs US at leweb3

“”[A] small market with little innovation that they can always acquire if they need to.”
Brent Hoberman, co-founder of Last Minute, on how American internet backers view Europe”

Brent also commented on the poor crowd at the recent web2con panel – Europe has come of age – i was also in attendance – if you took out the Europeans from the room, you would hav been left with the audio guys – such was the interest in Europe.

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