Firefox Rocks!

16th of November 2006 by admin

2 years later and 10 – 12% market share – not bad eh!

The Firefox Ireland party was a blast, with great attendance from all walks of life; Google, Amazon, AOL, HP, IBM, iMobi, Colgate and more. Someone said that one of the radio stations turned up but I missed ‘em :( Mozilla sent lots of goodies to give out and I decided to add an iPod to the mix to make it a little interesting – prizes went down a treat :)

There seems to be quite a bit of interest in getting more networking events off the ground in Dublin with .mobi looking to sponsor something. I’m all ears if anyone has any ideas on what to do next.

BTW, a very good friend of mine is hosting the Firefox Party in London, so I’ll be there if anyone on the list would like to hook up.

3 Responses to “Firefox Rocks!”

I was hoping to go but I’m flying the reverse direction on the 1st back to Ireland for the weekend! Pity!

Anyway – I’ll be at London MiniBar tonight and might post a brief report here on anything of Irish interest.

How was the MiniBar event Robin?

I wasn’t up for it but would have liked to meet up with some more Irish folk in the UK. I’m based in Guildford, Surrey, so if you or anyone else is in town give me a shout.

Unfortunately I also missed it due to my very expectant better half not feeling all that great that evening – did’nt fancy being 140 miles away. Sounds like it was a great gig and well done!