Automatic Brand Creation

12th of November 2006 by admin

I attended another one of Robert Loch’s great networking events last week (and ended up in a club with Rob + 1 afterwards… ouch!). Guest speaker was Simon Murdoch, first head of Amazon UK. You can read more about the evening on TechCrunch.

Ok, I’m a little late off the block with this post, but better late than never. As usual the event attracted a lot of interesting folk and I hooked up with some innovative individuals – amongst them was Alex Tew, creator of who’s got a new iron in the fire. I look forward to hearing more about that soon.

I did come across a brilliant new idea, hence the reason for my post – automatic brand creation for all those “widget companies” (a phrase I’ve just coined to describe Web 2.0 related companies) that require a professional, yet cheap brand identity. Justin Champney, Head of Brand Innovation at McCann WorldGroup is responsible for coming up with the idea. Justin told me, “it’s perfect timing given all the new start-ups that need a brand identity quickly and cheaply.” Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea.

Apparently, the tool won’t allow the same brand to be created more than once. The tool, being built between San Francisco and India, will ask plenty of intelligent questions to get a feel for your company. It will then build the brand identity online with all the required iconography.

I introduced Justin to an investor I knew at the event – so fingers crossed!

2 Responses to “Automatic Brand Creation”

I’d be interested in being put in contact with those guys to get the brand story. C’est possible?

Hi Mike, I had every intention of introducing you! I meant to catch up with you but didn’t get a chance.

It was the first thing I suggested to Justin. Will do it when I get a chance tomorrow – living it up like a king at the mo – Haymarket corp. event racing boats and cars :) Sam is attending the Dublin Firefox party tomorrow (14/11) – can you make it? you could say a few words and there will be plenty of very cool Irish companies there!