Are You Interested in Standards?

16th of November 2006 by admin

Ok, this isn’t strictly Web 2.0 related, but I’m pretty confident that some of you will be interested – pls accept my apology if you’re not.

If you’re interested in helping to evangelise standards through an official channel I’d like to hear from you. Rotan Hanrahan from mobileaware has managed to get backing from Enterprise Ireland to stimulate awareness and adoption of standards in Ireland. He has asked me to help test the water so please get in touch if you want to be involved.

Usability Professional Association coming to Ireland
I’m also setting up the Usability Professional Association – I’m looking for more companies to help get this off the ground. Do you fancy becoming a ‘founding member’? Please get in touch.

2 Responses to “Are You Interested in Standards?”

Hi Paul,
we’d love to be involved. Let me know what’s required.

Hi Morgan,

Good question – I don’t know yet is the honest answer. I’ll get back to you via this post with more info as soon as I get it.

Regarding the UPA – is this something you want to help setup?