Company Profile: Infacta

7th of September 2006 by admin - Emarketing Solutions

Company Name: Infacta Ltd.
Location: Sligo, Ireland & Bellingham, WA, USA
Sector: Online Marketing
Founded: 1998
CEO: Jonathan Hill
Funding: N/A

Description: Infacta provides micro and small businesses the tools required to better market themselves and understand their customers online.

Our core products and services are:

  • GroupMail, provides customers with the means to run cost effective email marketing and newsletter campaigns in-house. RSS & SMS support available with Fax support in beta.
  • GroupMetrics, allows customers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns from email through to any given website objective.
  • GroupSurveys, gives customers the ability to build detailed and powerful online surveys and polls in an AJAX environment and the means to analyse responses in a variety of ways using a suite of powerful reporting tools

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