28th of August 2006 by admin

Name: Post282
Location: Dublin
Sector: Community Building Website
Founded: 2006
CEO: Robert O’Leary
Funding: N/A

Post282 lets you create your own private websites. Creating a site is free and very easy to do. Once you have signed up, you can create accounts for friends so that they can log in to the site you’ve created. On your site you will be able to create posts (including rich text and media posts), chat directly with other members of your community, connect to and read RSS feeds, customize your interface, and more. As the creator of the community you have administrative rights to edit or delete any post, and add and remove community members.

Post282 is still in Beta (like all good Web 2.0 applications), but feedback from our existing users is allowing us to constantly upgrade and improve. Currently planned are a make-over for the entry site to the system, and various mash-up style 3rd party service integration features.

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