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Company Profile: Nooked

fergus 25th of August 2006 by fergus


Company Name: Nooked
Location: Sligo, Ireland
Sector: Internet & Services
Founded: 2004
CEO: Fergus Burns
Funding: Undisclosed.
Key Investors: Promoter, Angels, Enterprise Ireland, WIF
Description: Think there’s nothing new in marketing? Nooked gets your message out as an RSS feed to subscribers who actually want it – such as customers looking for good deals on hotel rooms or industry analysts looking to stay up to date. Nooked makes creating feeds a snap and offers details on who’s subscribing to them. Unlike with regular RSS feeds, each individual user’s response to the feed can be tracked.

TechCrunch UK launches…

fergus 25th of August 2006 by fergus

Best of luck to Sam Sethi and Mike Arrington with TechCrunch UK.


fergus 24th of August 2006 by fergus

I was asked this question a few days ago – how many of the “big web2.0″ companies are based in Ireland

Using the “AGILE AMY” model, here is the list

Amazon – Yes
Google – Yes
IAC – Yes
Liberty – Yes
Ebay – Yes
Microsoft – Yes
Yahoo – Yes

We also a few others who are notable – AOL,, Doubleclick and Adobe.

Whats the bets that the govt. group, IDA, who are tasked with “inward investment” is chasing Fox Interactive – MySpace operation for Ireland !!

Company Profile: Argolon

conor 24th of August 2006 by conor

Company Name: Argolon
Location: Bandon, Cork, Ireland
Sector: Internet & Services
Founded: 2004
CEO: Conor O’Neill
Funding: N/A
Key Investors: Undisclosed Angel Investors
Description: We are building a system for the creation, aggregation, search and manipulation of specific distributed structured content.

Web Developer needed at Infacta

admin 23rd of August 2006 by admin

Web Developer

We are currently looking for a Developer to help out in our web services department. Possible candidates must have a proven track record working with the following technologies:

* Javascript
* SQL Server

A basic knowledge of Photoshop would also be very desirable.

Tags: ajax, xml, jscript

Posted: Tue, 08 Aug 2006

Location: Sligo,

Career level: Open Job Status: Open

Experience required: Yes Travel required: No

Telecommute allowed: No

Company: Infacta

Contact: HR

Phone: +353 71 9156996 Email:

This contact is a recruiter: no

Irish company makes the cut for Web 2.0 Around the World

admin 21st of August 2006 by admin

Nooked made the cut in a recent Business2.0 piece on “Web 2.0 Around the World” piece – they are in good company – 23 companies in total are profiled

[from ITNorthwest blog]

Hopefully we will see more companies from this group next year.

Internet Is a Mainstream Lifestyle, Finally

admin 21st of August 2006 by admin

Some great nuggest of information contained in this PodTech podcast with Theresia Gouw Ranzetta of Accel [colleague of Judy Gibbons who spoke at the Web2Ireland event]

AJAX is not a business model

admin 18th of August 2006 by admin

Jason parts with some wise knowledge – timely given some recent investment – where the service is brillant, but the biz model is not obvious – traffic seems to be the goal !!

“To all the first time entrepreneurs out there (who care to listen): page views mean nothing, revenue means something, and earnings mean everything.”

The Web 2.0 Traffic List

admin 17th of August 2006 by admin

Seth Godin has compiled an interesting table using alexaholic

Can you spot the Irish companies….

Gartner see Web2.0 as crucial for Financial Services

admin 16th of August 2006 by admin

Gartner are making recommendations to financial institutions to implement web2.0 sytle apps in the workplace to foster closer group working and cross-departmental communication. The article points to the use of RSS in Dresdner Kleinwort and UBS.