Mobile Web 2.0 – what are the options?

31st of July 2006 by admin

Paul Browne gives some excellent advice regarding the various options for mobile development and what considerations to make in terms of supporting Web 2.0 (AJAX) on mobile devices -

… the Opera Browser supports Ajax on phones , but not all phones use Opera. The best way of approaching this is to build your application using one of the Ajax frameworks. The framework handles the differences between Ajax / non-Ajax enabled browsers and renders the web page accordingly. Non-Ajax users don’t get as slick an application , but they do get an application that they can use. I’ve a good summary of Ajax Frameworks here not forgetting the Google Web Toolkit. The other advantage is that as Google and others upgrade their frameworks , you get the benefit of the new features. This Article is a fairly good introduction to the area of Ajax on mobile phones.

Click through to Paul’s post to follow the links to those articles.

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