Irish Web2.0 Applications… please submit

31st of July 2006 by admin

Richard MacManus is doing a global review of web2.0 companies

Lets get the Irish list organized… please comment or blog about companies so we can build a list for Richard, as well as creating our own directory here on

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Web based time tracking software- 1time

Dublin, Ireland

We are currently in public beta and on hold for the moment while we negotiate funding.

Cork, Ireland
mobile phone roaming for free
launching in 4 weeks

Secantus is developing a product and services to allow home users to find, organise, secure and share their personal digital content (photos, videos, music, documents). The service will be lauching in private beta as in September.

I have a suggestion. Tag your own site, once it’s in production with the delicious tag irishweb2. If everyone does this we have an instant directory of Irish Web2.0 companies.

Good point Ben

however, the generic tag is “web2ireland” – as per event, etc.


How about the tag “irishwebcompany”?

Online, web-based communications and collaborationn network. Your own network, very rich function, together with your business contacts, family, friends. Sort of similar to Groove + Sharepoint combined. Tailor it to your corporate or group needs, styles, data, databses, etc. Such as in Soon to include Telecryption, which allows end to end encryption of data being communicated or stored on the network, without effort. Quiknets includes internal, spam free email, workspaces, chat, online weblinks, profiles, member search, bulletin board, RS feeds- configure your own-online document creation, storage online of files, folders, etc.

Post282 lets visitors create private community websites for sharing pictures, posting messages, live chat, RSS aggregation, rich media posting, etc.

The system was designed, built, and is hosted in Dublin.

[...] Fergus is compiling a list of Irish Web 2.0 companies so please hop over to submit your business for the directory. [...]