dartmaps – irish web2.0 service

20th of February 2006 by admin


one of the best Irish mashups i’ve seen – great thinking….

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Yes, I’ve seen that floating around since July/August. I started work at the time been working on one with the traffic data in Dublin: http://mapping.bytesurgery.com/test.php I have the points on the junctions out of the XML file from Dublin City Corp, but never had the time to overlay the congestion data.

There’s someone in college attempting to get something similar to the DART one running on a mobile phone. Should be interesting!

[...] Spatial Ireland have loads of Google Maps, but no mashup covering ‘free powerpoint locations that won’t blow your laptop’. While I may put together a Mashup (if the guys from DartMap can do it then so can I), here’s the list to kick start things. [...]